math education

Student engagement and technology apps

Lately, I have been using various technology tools to increase interactivity within the classroom. I have moved toward smartphone apps that can readily engage students.  Here’s my current list: Google Classroom – students can post comments and answer questions in real time Remind – this is a messaging service where I can instantly text message students without knowing their phone… Read more →

Teaching teachers to teach

An article in last Sunday’s New York Times discusses the complex issue of teacher preparation. The writer of the article includes a lengthy discussion of math teaching in particular. I found it to be quite interesting – the work of math educators doesn’t usually make it to mainstream media. Hopefully the Times will continue its coverage of key education issues… Read more →

Not so Elementary Mathematics

A thought provoking article on mathematics for elementary school teachers appeared in the recent issue of the American Educator. It was written by Dr. Hung-Hsi Wu, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at UC- Berkeley. He writes that the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division involve more conceptual processes than most people realize, and suggested that there should be separate… Read more →

Some articles on faculty development

The March 2009 issue of PRIMUS, a journal for undergrad math education, focuses on faculty development. The articles are an interesting read for those who want to learn more about student centered math classrooms and varying types of assessments. Also, the January 2009 issue of PRIMUS has three articles on the use of wikis in math classes. The one on… Read more →