The formula that ate your 401(k)

There have been quite a few articles recently discussing the mathematical models of the valuation of mortgage backed securities, and the house of cards that fell as a result. One appeared on WIRED and another in The New York Times . So what’s the take-away for college math education? Most of our math students are not in math intensive majors…. Read more →

Bits and Bytes : Math of Image Restoration

I’ve been looking for a simple introduction to image processing that would appeal to students with modest math backgrounds. Most image processing materials are written for electrical engineers and are way above the level of a typical non-math major. So I was really glad to see this paper from the Electronic Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual International Conference on Technology… Read more →

Bits and Bytes: Math Behind the Megapixel Myth

Just about everyone seems enthralled by all things digital – iPods, digital cameras, and so on. But hardly anyone stops to think about the math that’s behind the digital craze. About a year ago, I started introducing examples using references to digital items that students are familiar with. They perked up – “hey – this is something I can relate… Read more →