Google 3-D Grapher

Google 3-D Grapher

Just type in x^2-y^2 into Google’s search box and you get the saddle figure – and you can move it around as well!  With these types of  ready- to -go aids for graphing, anyone can incorporate serious graphics into teaching and learning math. Click on the image  to see a “live” version of the surface  \(z=x^2-y^2\).

Explorations with Geogebra

I just started using GeoGebra, the open source dynamic geometry software, to create an exploration activity for my Intro to Proofs class. The activity itself was an extension of a discussion in class about the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. It can also be used in a precalc class which stresses concepts. (Click here to see in a larger window.) Your… Read more →

Embedding Documents

By way of Kevin Jarret’s blog on ed-tech, I’m trying our, a web site that allows you to embed many types of documents in your web site. Here’s a presentation I recently gave at IMACC 09, a conference of community college educators in Illinois.