"No Excuses" Software for Math

Just finished teaching a short course on software for use in math classes.It’s a course required for math majors, and the objective is to familiarize students with the various types of software to do math. Way back when, like ten years ago, math software was the domain of licensed software housed in college computer labs. The usual stuff happened –… Read more →

Explorations with Geogebra

I just started using GeoGebra, the open source dynamic geometry software, to create an exploration activity for my Intro to Proofs class. The activity itself was an extension of a discussion in class about the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. It can also be used in a precalc class which stresses concepts. (Click here to see in a larger window.) Your… Read more →


My latest tool for interactive math is GeoGebra. Just started to explore it. A great resource outlining many possibilities is this wiki page by Dr. Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska. I’m looking forward to using GeoGebra in my math for elementary teachers course as well as my graduate course for high school math teachers.