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Although my primary word processor is MS Word 2007 for class materials, I use LaTeX for assignments in my upper level courses. Many of the assignments I create are not too lengthy and so I started searching for a quick browser-based online LaTeX compiler. Here are three I am experimenting with. The first one is totally free. The other two offer a free limited version.

  • : works with your Google account sign-in, but it’s not affiliated with Google. Advantage is that your tex files are in the Google docs folder. I found the previewer to be somewhat clunky and it seemed to run the slowest of the three I found. But it is free and has no restrictions.
  • scribtex : worked very quickly on my sample latex file and rendered a nice PDF file in a separate tab. The interface is very minimalist, though. The free account has restrictions, but will be fine for my use of creating assignments
  • verbosus: Has a nicer interface than scribtex, with the tex file and pdf file side by side, but a lot of the window’s real estate was taken up with file and project windows. Maybe there is a way to customize it, but I didn’t check it out. The free account has restrictions as well.

 I think I’ll work with latexlabs and scribtex for now. But I thought verbosus was worth checking out.

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    Thank you for the very good and short review of onine latex editors. I didn’t know latexlab before. I personally use verbosus since about a year now and it works like a charm. Especially the fact that it supports HTTPS (for free) makes it a real alternative to desktop solutions. Besides: There also exists an Octave editor so I can create my plots there too.

    I LOVE browser based software…

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